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Brink is a simple game with a massive amount of build up around it. It is supposed to be about two factions fighting over the last stronghold of the human race in a dystopic future. In reality it is basically Team Fortress with backstory.

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The World
Each map is different, they aren’t particularly well rendered or pretty, but they do often offer a number of flanking routes and so on. There are two different styles of map however, those of the ordered Security forces and those of the ramshackle Resistance.

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Combat & Enemies
Very basic class based combat, some cool character abilities but the weapons themselves, although there are a lot of them, they do not vary much and even with customisation you will generally find two weapons you like and use them for the entire game.

The enemies are exactly the same as your team, with the same class options and abilities in a different uniform.

Customisation and Cutscenes
The main part where this game shines is the character customisation. There is an enormous amount of different clothes, hair and other apparel that you gradually unlock as you level up and as you play as both factions throughout the game you have in effect two people to fully customise.

The cutscenes are also worth noting. There are game level cutscenes before each mission, but separate from that are some larger cutscenes. These give the deep detail about the world, the two factions and they are really well done, quite out of place with the rest of the game.

Image taken from http://brink.wikia.com
Brink looks really good, as you can probably tell from the pictures above. But as the addage goes, you can't judge a book by its cover. On the outside, Brink has a great plot, with lots of input into your character. It promises so much however once you get past that, Brink doesn't deliver. The fighting is predictable and doesn't stand out from the many other FPS games out there.

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