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This is a co-op racing game with a difference. One of you drives your vehicle, racing round the track, the other operates gun turrets to blow up the competition! Importantly the game is also FREE!

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The World
There are a variety of different tracks, giving you plenty of ground to cover, but the focus is usually on outpacing the enemy if you are driving, or gunning them down if you are shooting.

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While driving it is possible to ram other drivers, but the majority of the combat is unsurprisingly done by the turret. You switch between the turrets available throughout the map, shooting at the other cars. You can also shoot out their tires to slow them down and a windscreen shot blows up the car immediately. In multiplayer you cannot of course use a turret while an enemy gunner is using it, however you can shoot their turret, killing them, and then take it over!

There aren’t many power ups but they are all useful and can only be collected by the drivers. There is Nitro which you can use for a boost, armour which ricochets enemy turret fire to kill the turret and also turret upgrades and downgrades. When you hit the upgrade you add an extra weapon to your gunner. They start with a sniper rifle, then machine gun, then mines and finally a lock on rocket launcher. The turret downgrade removes the upgrade from enemy turrets and this can only be done in multiplayer.

The game is a fun arcade title to play for a while, the racing is what you would expect from a racing game (I’ve never been much of a fan of the genre) but adding in the co-op gunner and it makes both driving and shooting a whole lot more fun, suddenly becoming first when the leader takes a rocket to the windshield is exhilarating, while skidding round a corner avoiding sniper shots makes the race a whole lot more interesting. And I think I mentioned, this game is completely FREE!

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